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Our Approach – Hoorshid

+98 263 421 61 69

Why Iran


Home to one of the most ancient civilizations of the world, Iran has a broad variety of business and logistics attractions to offer.

Iran used to be one of the most important countries in the way of silk road in ancient times, and nowadays because of its strategic location in the Middle East (Connected to the CIS countries by the North and the Persian Gulf by the south) is considered as one of the strategic hubs in the world.

Currently, oil & gas and the petrochemical products make up the main share of the Iran’s export, however, non-oil & gas sector can be as competitive and lucrative. Iran is a hub for several less-discovered industries which are producing quality products that can be lucrative for the international market. These industries include chemicals, medicine, agricultural products, food industry, minerals and raw materials just to name a few. Being a well-educated young country and the 3rd country with the most engineering graduates in the world, there is constant development within the private-sector and SMEs.

In fact, that’s where Hoorshid comes in.

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Our Approach

We work closely with our producer partners and walk them along the way to a better presence in the business world. Our approach is a 8-step ladder.

Evaluate- We meticulously study the status quo of our producer partner, analyze their portfolio and find the existing flaws in different parts from branding to standardization and presentation deck.

Empower- We help our partner fill in the gaps we see in their profile in many areas such as: 

   o Branding and corporate identity 

   o Standardization: We conduct a thorough pre-check to realize what special certifications or standards is required to enter the target country and help them with the paperwork to the way to obtain them. 

   o Presentation-Deck: We benefit from one of the best graphical designers of Iran to empower the partner’s presentation deck including brochures and catalogs, data sheets, flyer, etc. 

   o Translation Services: Translation into the target country language. 

   o IT Services: We have teamed up with talented web engineers to secure the most suitable multi-lingual website design for our producer partner.

Market Research- A proper market research is a corner stone to the export success. We apply a variety of methods to research the target market including quantitative and qualitative methods. Common practice methods include the following items: 

   o Desk Research 

   o Usability Planning Test 

   o Target Market Field Research 

We have partners in the target countries — mainly CIS countries — who will professionally collect the necessary data from the market and help build up a comprehensive report composed mainly of market data, competition and most importantly, a hand-picked list of prospects.

Marketing - We utilize a number of practices to ensure we get the attention of our prospects. We combined modern export digital marketing methods with traditional/classical methods including direct and indirect exposures (agents) and use the opportunities to attend the fairs and exhibitions. 

Customer Engagement - We strive to properly present the products to our overseas customers and hear out their demands and concerns and derive the best proposal for them. 

Negotiation - It’s important to negotiate for a win-win result for both the buyer and the seller. 

Sales - Closing the deal with the foreign buyers is a critical step in the success of our team and we are prepared to close deals on behalf of our producer partners. 

Supervising – We make sure all the process including Shipment and Payments goes well and keep the producer partner updated.

Our Services




Who we are?



Hoorshid is an Iran-base Export Management Company(EMC). At Hoorshid, we introduce and deliver quality products from Iran into the international markets. Our company deals with a basket of Iranian products from construction materials and minerals to F&B sector and consumer products.

Contact us


  • info@hoorshid.org

  • +98 902 890 19 91

  • +98 263 421 61 69

  • No. 18, ARMAN Tower, MEYSAM 11 Ave. SHAHID BEHESHTI Ave. Karaj, Iran. P.O. Box: 3139973643