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Marketing – Hoorshid

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When thinking about marketing your product in a whole new market, the most important thing you need is strategy. We call it “Market Entry Strategy”. In other words, we use a number of methods which can be classified into Traditional and Modern Marketing.

 A. Traditional Marketing:

Traditional marketing strategies can be just as effective in promoting your products in other countries as they are in our own country. Banners, billboards, pamphlets, print advertising, word-of-mouth and business cards are some of the most common forms of traditional marketing. A key difference is that to apply this type of marketing strategy to an export business, we must study the culture of the target market, and tailor our message to the market. Our marketing strategies are only as effective as they are relevant to our consumers' lives. There has been proven methods that work timelessly when it comes to export marketing. From field research to exhibiting in international fairs and shows around the world. Our main strategies include:

  • Direct exports  
  • Indirect exports (appointing an agent) 
  • Partnerships and alliances 

 B. Digital Export Marketing

Online marketing is just as crucial today for an export business as it is for a national business, since people in most countries have some level of access to the Internet and its benefits, and online shopping is still a growing trend. Online marketing includes online ads, targeted ads, websites and email marketing. Facebook and Google ads are some of the most common online marketing strategies, and people in most countries have access to them. You can purchase advertising on specific websites, but most online ads work through keywords. Your ad appears when a user uses words similar to those from your ad in a search, or navigates to similar sites.

Yet the most basic digital export marketing means is the company’s website. Some of the most important items to be considered when designing a website for the export purposes include:

Being exhaustive and comprehensive, user-friendly along with an attractive Design and ability to support target market local language. All of these items are not good when your target audience can’t find you on the web world. So the SEO (search engine optimization) of your company website is also of crucial importance.

There are other powerful tools that shouldn’t be missed in the plan for the export marketing. Nowadays Social Medias and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, VK, Twitter, etc. are essentials for any successful business.

Modern digital export marketing is not bound to website optimizations and the online B2B marketplaces such as Alibaba, TradeKey, Thomasnet, etc.

Our Services




Who we are?



Hoorshid is an Iran-base Export Management Company(EMC). At Hoorshid, we introduce and deliver quality products from Iran into the international markets. Our company deals with a basket of Iranian products from construction materials and minerals to F&B sector and consumer products.

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  • info@hoorshid.org

  • +98 902 890 19 91

  • +98 263 421 61 69

  • No. 18, ARMAN Tower, MEYSAM 11 Ave. SHAHID BEHESHTI Ave. Karaj, Iran. P.O. Box: 3139973643