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About Us

   Hoorshid Ltd. is an export management and consultancy company based in Iran. With a clear vision of promoting Iranian private sector and SMEs presence in the overseas market. We come from a background with valuable years of local production ourselves and know the challenges and potentials of Iranian products. We also know that the global business atmosphere is constantly changing and we are equipped with the most recent technologies and expertise to catch up with the global business atmosphere. That is why Hoorshid is unique in its very core where it combines classical methods of export marketing and the most innovate export digital marketing.


   Our story commences with our initiative to introduce superior Iranian products to the international market. This touch has added even more culture and diversity to our corporate identity, and we are eager to continue to grow geographically as an Export Management and Consultancy company.

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Who we are?



Hoorshid is an Iran-base Export Management Company(EMC). At Hoorshid, we introduce and deliver quality products from Iran into the international markets. Our company deals with a basket of Iranian products from construction materials and minerals to F&B sector and consumer products.

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  • info@hoorshid.org

  • +98 902 890 19 91

  • +98 263 421 61 69

  • No. 18, ARMAN Tower, MEYSAM 11 Ave. SHAHID BEHESHTI Ave. Karaj, Iran. P.O. Box: 3139973643